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At Clear Title Agency of Arizona we have not been impacted by the recent cyber attack on Fidelity National Financial (FNF). Our technology and team are functioning normally. Fidelity National Financial is a national leader in title insurance, mortgage servicing, and real estate services that locally includes Fidelity Title, Chicago Title, Lawyers Title, Grand Canyon Title, and Security Title.

We take these threats seriously and for several years have been actively taking measures to mitigate these risks to our business and maintain the trust and confidence of customers.

While no individual or company is completely immune to these ongoing threats, we have made significant investments in the following safeguards over recent years:

  1. We have multiple dedicated servers running in a safe, isolated environment, housed locally in Arizona, with the ability to immediately restore from a back-up copy given the need.
  2. We have made the investment to privately host our production software, giving us more control than relying on cloud-based, shared systems.
  3. We use multiple software programs and tools to verify the banking information and identity of customers before wiring funds.
  4. We invest in the latest versions of virus protection and email security software and actively test our systems for vulnerabilities.
  5. For years we have engaged in an active company-wide “Human Shield” campaign that highlights and awards team members for identifying or preventing any cyber threat or email phishing attack. This activity keeps our team engaged and on high alert.

By working together with industry organizations, government agencies, and cybersecurity experts, we can take proactive steps to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats. We will continue to share materials about emerging risks and best practices for cybersecurity to keep our community notified about cybercrime and impacts on the real estate industry.

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